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"Part-Time" Faculty  and the Affordable Care Act
The forthcoming implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has profound implications for the extraordinary faculty known around the country as adjuncts, "part-time profs," lecturers, contingent faculty, "road scholars" and "freeway fliers," among other names.  Denied access to healthcare at many institutions, many faculty may have put their hopes in the ACA to make this critical benefit available to them.

Many institutions, however, have been cutting adjunct work hours in anticipation of IRS regulations defining part-time work under the ACA as under 30 hours per week.   

The IRS has just issued its latest draft of regulations governing implementation of the ACA and has addressed the issue of adjunct work hours.  Formal comments were solicited and NFM/F did submit comments.  We also
testified in person at the public hearing on April 23.

Read our public comments here.
Press coverage of our efforts:

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We want your input as we continue to work on this issue.  Let us know what you think about how "part-time" faculty work should be understood by IRS as it continues to develop these rules.  Please let us know as well if your institution has communicated new rules about course assignments or about how to track work hours.
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