New Faculty Majority (NFM) and the NFM Foundation

 Cordially Invite You to Attend

Strategies for Overcoming Inequality in Higher Education: 
Supporting Adjunct Faculty and Their Students

Monday, October 26, 2015
2 pm
Location: U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Room SVC 209-08

One of higher education’s most shameful secrets is that 75%, or nearly 1 million U.S. faculty members, are part-time or temporary employees who lack the working conditions that support authentic student learning. The poverty-level compensation that colleges and universities provide the majority of these faculty members betrays a fundamental lack of respect for the core educational mission of higher education.

During and beyond the week of October 26-30, known as Campus Equity Week, faculty and students alike will be protesting the financial, social, and educational costs of the use and abuse of adjunct faculty.

NFM and the NFM Foundation are affiliated national nonprofit associations that work exclusively to improve the quality of higher education by improving working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.  

Please join us for a briefing that will include an excerpt from a new documentary film on adjunct faculty working conditions by the nonprofit Brave New Films. A panel of adjunct faculty and students will explain how legislators and policymakers can reverse this destructive trend of contingent, precarious employment in higher education, including through targeted legislation and the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. 

Staffers from the following offices attended

Democrats                                                Republicans
Congressman Raul M. Grijalva AZ                 Congressman Bruce Westerman AR
Senator Barbara Boxer CA                            Congressman Peter J Roskam IL
Congressman Michael Honda CA                   Senator Mark Steven Kirk IL
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi CA                 Congressman Blake R. Farenthold TX          Senator Chris Murphy CT                            
Congressman Mark Takai HI
Senator Dick Durbin IL 
Congressman John Yarmuth KY
Congressman Michael Capuano MA
Congressman Hakeem Jeffries NY
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand NY
Senator Sherrod Brown OH
Congresswoman Marcie Kaptur OH
Senator Jack Reed RI
Congressman Mark Pocan WI

In addition, representatives of NFM visited the offices of as many Members of Congress as they could in the time that they had before the briefing.

Every member of Congress was invited to attend this briefing, which kicked off Campus Equity Week 2015 on Monday, October 26 in Washington DC.  Please help us to continue to inform and educate our elected representatives about the ongoing imperative to address the contingent faculty crisis.  Call and e-mail your elected representatives to make sure they hear your story and have this link to the briefing materials.  

Look up contact information for your senators and representatives at