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NFMF Back to School Survey 2011-12
2015 Update
In the summer of 2011, NFMF created a survey to gather data about the back-to-school hiring procedures experienced by contingent faculty across the nation. The survey was administered for the first time in September 2011.  A report based on its results has been produced jointly by NFMF and the Center for the Future of Higher Education, the virtual think tank of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE), and was made available on August 23, 2012.


"Who Is Professor 'Staff,' And How Can This Person Teach So Many Classes?"

Executive Summary

Request Quantitative Data from 2011 Survey
Request Qualitative Data from the 2011 Survey

NFMF invites faculty groups, researchers, administrators, and anyone interested in the working conditions of adjunct and contingent faculty to use this survey instrument (downloadable below) to gain valuable information about the conditions and context of working conditions for contingent faculty on any campus.  Acknowledgement of the NFM Foundation would be appreciated, and we ask anyone who uses the survey to share the results with us.

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