NFMF Original and Sponsored Research
New Faculty Majority Foundation conducts original research, depending on funding availability, on topics relevant to its mission, such as the Back-to-School Survey conducted in the Fall of 2011 and updated this year. This survey documented the hiring and working conditions of adjunct and contingent faculty, and provided in-depth qualitative information on opinions regarding the effect of working conditions on student learning. The findings of this study are available on our website, along with the instrument, which can easily be adapted for local use in departments and larger academic units.  

The NFM Foundation also assists its member researchers in locating samples, and connects researchers to one another through the NFM discussion forum, and through its Director of Research and Special Programs. 

In addition, the NFM Foundation maintains collaborative relationships with researchers at higher education centers. The Foundation is often called upon to participate in and evaluate research.  

As a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to advancing knowledge for the public good, the NFM Foundation seeks funding from individuals and organizations to sponsor research, and to organize regional and national conferences to disseminate results and bring researchers together. 

The Foundation’s research is directed by Dr. Esther S. Merves, a sociologist with more than 30 years experience in higher education, nonprofit management, and academe. She can be reached at

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Do you know what percentage of higher ed faculty today is adjunct/ contingent/non-tenure-track?Less than 10%
10%- 30%
More than 60%
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