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Data Resources on Contingent Faculty

Faculty Working Conditions as Student Learning Conditions

Resources from NEA

Resources from AFT

Strategy 1: Alleviating Loan Debt Burdens for Students and Adjuncts

Adjunct Faculty Loan Fairness Act of 2015

"30-Hour Work Week Is a Critical Threshold for More Than Just Health Care"

The Delta Cost Project

"Students Cover More of the Their Public University Tuition Now Than State Governments"

"For Profit" -- performance piece on college costs by Aaron Calafato, Cofounder of Student Debt Crisis (a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to reforming funding for higher education in America). Aaron is a recipient of a 2012 Emerging Artist Grant from The Puffin Foundation for his Solo-Theater for Social Change.

Strategy 2: Collecting Accurate Data and Holding Institutions Accountable

National Study of Postsecondary Faculty( NSoPF) http:/

New Faculty Majority Foundation’s Back to School Surveys

Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey of Contingent Faculty Members and Instructors (2012) 

MLA Academic Workforce Data Center

The Adjunct Project

Tracking Adjunct Pay When Universities Won't Provide Information, The Center for College Affordability

"The New Old Labor Crisis: Think Being an Adjunct Faculty Member is Hard? Try being a black adjunct professor." by Tressie Cottom McMillan

Women and Contingency Database by NFM and the Center for the Study of Academic Labor at Colorado State University

Strategy 3: Transforming Compensation Policies for Adjuncts

Crisis at the Boiling Point: A Documentary Look at Adjunct Workplace Abuse and Recommendations for Federal Policy Change by SEIU November 2014

NFMF Comments to DOL on Overtime Revisions

National Petition to DOL re wage and hour violations: (11,000+ signatures)

NFM Blog Post on FLSA

"How Faculty Unions Help Lower Costs"

Strategy 4: Ensuring that Adjunct Faculty Have Access to Unemployment Insurance 

Steve Street Unemployment Compensation Initiative

Landmark Cervisi Decision Turns 25 (Cervisi Decision:

Access to Unemployment Benefits Insurance for Contingent Faculty

December 2014 Follow-up Letter to Department of Labor Regarding Unemployment for Adjunct Faculty

AFT Petition: Give Adjuncts Fair Access to Unemployment Benefits

Strategies for Overcoming Inequality in Higher Education: 
Supporting Adjunct Faculty and Their Students
October 26, 2015
New Faculty Majority/NFM Foundation
in cooperation with the National Education Association

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