RESOURCES related to 
Reclaiming Academic Democracy: 
Facing the Consequences of Contingent Employment in Higher Education
A National Summit
January 28, 2012 -- Washington DC

Josh Boldt's crowdsourced data collection project on adjunct working conditions

"Forging a New Way Forward" -- a proposal from NFM to guide reform 
Interactive site at which to provide feedback on "Forging":

Summit Task Force Information

Reports, Tweets, and Published Responses to NFM Summit

For Summit Program
General Resources:
Final Program/Schedule
New Faculty Majority resource page
NFM website
Pankin & Weiss Bibliography on Part-time Faculty
Re Dedication to Doug Wright:
"The Uninsured Adjunct," Inside Higher Ed, November 30, 2009
"The Place Beneath" A film about Doug by Paul Babin

Resources Related to Plenary 1: Contingency and the Future of U.S. Higher Education
Gary Rhoades, Keynote Address to Virginia Conference AAUP, February 26, 2010: "We Are All Contingent"

Selected AAC&U Publications Addressing Contingent Academic Employment:
Liberal Education Vol 97 No. 1 Winter 2011
On Campus with Women Vol 37 No. 3 Winter 2009
On Campus with Women Vol 39 No. 1 Spring 2010
The Future of the Professoriate: Academic Freedom, Peer Review, and Shared Governance by Neil W. Hamilton and Jerry G. Gaff
Peer Review Vol 5 No. 1 Fall 2002

Resources Related to Plenary 2: Contingency Promising Practices, Proposed Solutions 
Kezar, Embracing Tenure-Track Faculty: Changing Campuses for the New Faculty Majority (Routledge, 2012)

Website of Presidents’ Climate Commitment: 
Website of Second Nature, Climate Commitment partner organization:
Definition of Sustainability (from Second Nature), includes statement re “conditions that systematically undermine people’s capacity to meet their basic needs (e.g. oppressive conditions, non-living wages”:

Program for Change:
“A Canadian College Where Adjuncts Go to Prosper” Chronicle of Higher Education, July 25, 2010

Resources Related to Plenary 3: Reform from the Inside and the Outside: Organizing, Coalition Building, and Regulation
Rich Moser, “Building Campus Coalitions”
Rich Moser, “Organizing: The Arts and Sciences” in

Joe Berry, Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education
"Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Contingent Faculty", by Berry,Stewart and Worthen, published by Chicago COCAL, 2008. 
The Value of Forging Alliances” by Joe Berry, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 16, 2006
Coalition on Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL)
Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW)

Resources Related to Plenary 4: Changing the Culture
(Mis)representations of faculty, especially adjunct and contingent faculty:

"What is an Adjunct Professor?"
Miami Dade Community College Adjunct Faculty Recruiting Video 
Vice President Biden’s January 13 speech in Pennsylvania: (question about college costs at 47:30)
NFM Petition in response to VP Biden's comment

PBS NewsHour


NFM Petition to VP Biden

Independent Documentaries and Educational Videos:
Barbara Wolf, Degrees of Shame 
Linda Janakos, Teachers on Wheels
​Jennifer Marlow and Megan Fulwiler, Con Job: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor
Debra Leigh Scott and Chris LaBree, 'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Education in America
CUNY Chloe Smolarski
IUPUI Tracy Donhardt
East-West University Curtis Keyes
American University Students supporting adjuncts

Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau
True Adjunct Tales
Fight For Your Long Day by Alex Kudera

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To download the Powerpoint presentation from "Alert the Press:  Media 101 for Contingent Faculty Activists and Allies" -- NFM/F Webinar held Sept. 24, 2012, please click here
(NFM members will be able to download a recording of the webinar at
NFM Blog

NFM Web site

2016 Conference Roundup:  A compendium of notes and reports on how academic and professional conferences are covering contingent academic employment

"Academic Freedom for Contingent Faculty Members: Strategies for Establishing Due Process" -- Special Session at MLA 2016 Jan 7 2016

Campus Equity Week Congressional Briefing October 26, 2015

Statement at DOE Forum November 2013

Testimony Before Congress November 2013
"The Just-in-Time Professor" -- House Democratic Staff Report

Steve Street Unemployment Compensation Initiative