Oct  2013:Survey on Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Dear Colleagues:

"Part-time" contingent faculty, like "part-time" workers across the nation, are being directly affected by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the colleges and universities for which they work. In order to gain more insight into the impact on higher education faculty, The New Faculty Majority Foundation (NFMF and The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE) are collecting information about how colleges and universities are responding to the Employer Mandate of the ACA as it applies to contingent faculty in "part-time" positions.

We are interested in understanding both the extent to which institutions are implementing the ACA to expand health care coverage to faculty who have previously not received health care benefits, as well as understanding the extent to which institutions are redefining the workload of "part-time" faculty to fall below the cutoff for provision of health benefits (29 hours per week). To help us understand faculty experiences, we encourage you fill out a short survey which will take between 10-15 minutes. People who are not "part-time" faculty may respond to the survey if they have knowledge of policies related to ACA implementation on campuses.

The link to the survey is http://stellarsurvey.com/s.aspx?u=6DB054D8-3BDA-453B-9A10-5C432CB3B4A6&

Please note that we ask you to upload any official documentation surrounding the ACA from your campus. Such documentation is extremely important to understand what is happening. Your anonymity as an individual respondent to the survey will be preserved and only researchers with NFM and CFHE will be responsible for the analysis and security of the data. Your survey responses will be kept separate from the institutional information that you provide and the data will be stored on password protected files and on password protected computers.

If you do not have access to official documentation but know of news stories that have reported on your employer's policies on part-time faculty and the ACA, please provide the link or upload a PDF or JPEG of the news story.

We thank you in advance for your participation in the survey. Please feel free to post and circulate the survey as widely as possible. This information is vital for educating the higher education community and the public about this urgent matter.

Initial results will be publicized during Campus Equity Week, October 28 - November 2, 2013. Many thanks for your participation!

Any questions or communications about the survey should be sent to:

Gary Rhoades: grhoades@email.arizona.edu 
Maria Maisto: maria.maisto@nfmfoundation.org

For information about the CFHE, see: http://futureofhighered.org/

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